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take it to a Pokemon daycare after you beat bugsy and learn the move cut or get alot of rare candies or battle tons of trainers

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Q: How do you level up Pokemon fast in Pokemon HeartGold?
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How do you get a level 100 Pokemon in Pokemon HeartGold?

You can get a level one hundred Pokemon in HeartGold the same way that you can get a Pokemon of that level in other games. You have to level them up until they reach it.

How do you level up quickly on Pokemon heartgold?

you level can level up your Pokemon by given it an luckey egg when betteling

How do you evolve jigglypyff iN Pokemon HeartGold?

You have to level it up.

How do you evolve Cherubi in Pokemon HeartGold?

Level it up to level 45

How do you catch Kyogre on pokemon heartgold?

Level up your best Pokemon to at least level 60.

How does ivyasaur evlve in to venesaur in Pokemon heartgold?

level it up to level 16

What level does feebas evolve in Pokemon HeartGold?

Feebas does not evolve by level in Pokemon HeartGold. Feebas evolves when it levels up while it has a maximized beauty condition.

What level does toadidile evolvle in Pokemon HeartGold?

It levels up at level 18 , then level 30.

How does Yanma evolve on Pokemon HeartGold?

Teach it Ancientpower, then level it up.

Where can you get ancient power in Pokemon HeartGold?

Some Pokemon learn ancient power as they level up.

What does Togepi need to evolve in Pokemon heartgold?

you need to get its friendship up and level it up

How does slowpoke evolve in Pokemon HeartGold?

I think you have to level it up to Level: 34 hope this helps