How do you lower your kbs on IMVU?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Do more clothes you wear, the more KB u have.

So if u have allot of useless clothes u can remove them and lower u KB in that way

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Q: How do you lower your kbs on IMVU?
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What are kbs on imvu?

"The kilobyte (symbol KB) is a multiple of the unit byte for digital information."On IMVU, it is nice to have a low number of kilobytes, having a high number causes lag.You can see how many Kilobytes your avatar has by running your mouse of your avatar.

Why does IMVU crash?

Sometimes it's because a person/room has a lot of kbs and then you start lagging so then you crash, and sometimes it's a glitch and sometimes it can be a product making you crash.

How many kbs does 1 gb hold?

10,000 kbs

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How many kbs in 0.4 MB?

If you mean kbs as killabites then there is 1000 kb in a mb therefore there is 400 kb in 0.4 of a mb