How do you lose the game?

Updated: 9/13/2023
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You lose the game if you think about it. When you lose it, no matter where you are, you have to say "I just lost the game!" out loud. After you say that, everyone in the room or car or whatever, can't lose the game for 30 hours. And, being given only thirty minutes to forget about the game, it's impossible to win.(MWOHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!) also, you can't tell someone "You just lost the game!", unless they said they did. If you say that they lost the game, you already lost it because you thought of it first. Also, you can never not play the game. If you say "I'm not going to play the game anymore", you're lying. First of all, you just lost it after saying that. Second of all, you just can't forget about the game. There's no way.

There are three main rules to The Game. Everyone in the world is playing The Game. (Sometimes narrowed to: "Everybody in the world who knows about The Game is playing The Game", or alternatively, "You are always playing The Game.")

There's no escape!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, and one more thing...........

I just lost the game.

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Q: How do you lose the game?
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