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complete tasks to earn points

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Q: How do you level up on Disney superbia when you have to level up to do a task?
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How do you move up a level in Disney superbia?

You have to complete tasks set for you to get experience to level up. xx

How do you get past level 34 on disney superbia?

To get to level 34 and above, you have to keep completing the tasks which are shown on the left hand side of your screen when you are on superbia. For every task you complete, you gain a certain amount of XP which when you have enough of will help you level up. I hope this helped. :D

How do you level up on Disney superbia?

You have to complete the quests on the left hand side of the screen then you will earn stars and fill the line up for a level up

Where is the hair-dryer on Disney superbia?

Its at the shake it up studio!

How do you level up on superbia?

Complete Quests.

How do you sign up to superbia the game?

You have a house you try and get gold and XP and level UPS. You have Ella and Max to give you challenges and be your friends.Also Disney releases cheats which are valid for a limited amount of time.

How do you move up levels faster on Disney superbia?

heyy ermm im 331Ape032 from superbia ( vicky) and i am only on level 24 and stuck with all these ice cream tasks to do and i have to raise 5,000 gold in the parlour and 20,000 gold for another task and i will never be able to do that so i need to level up faster another way to unlock the other part of the house....erm plz add me thanks and send me the pink shoe or piano chair thank you and i will send you them..xoxoxoxo

Where do you buy trainers from on Disney superbia?

Go to shake it up then move it along till it gets to Rocky. She will be wearing blue trainers which you can purchase for 600 gold if you are on level ten.

Where do you get the cheat codes from on Disney channels superbia?

go on Disney Channel Suburbia cheat codes and then it won't come up with the codes.

How do you move up a level on superbia?

You need to finish quests.

Where do you get the codes for superbia?

watch disney channel and they will come up in the bottom corner every day :)

Where do you find the party dress in Disney superbia?

You can find the party dress in the shake it up studio