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play 2vs2 battles and you will lvl up easy.unless you're level 24 or higher,then buy varium and then buy experience boost and be patient

Only do 2v2 up until lvl 10 then start doing 1v1 because you get into the battles faster and get the same experience. Also if you focus all your skill points on one skill it will make defeating an opponent a lot easier.

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Q: How do you level up fast in epic duel?
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What is the fastest way to level up in epic duel if you are level 26?

battle a guy in Leigon

How do you level up fast in epic-duel?

You just have to keep do 2v2 because 2v2 doubles the xp u get this is no hacks cause why hack in a beta game?

What is the fastest way to level up in epic duel?

buy better weapons and fight alot then you will level up quickly .

How do you earn money fast in epic duel game?

Well you can do a cheat by looking it up on youtube or if you are really good at it

What is the best way to lev up in Epic duel?

I got to level 2 to 4 by just doing 2on2 it gives you exp even if u die

What is the best way to level up in epic duel?

Play v.s the NPCs which are the computer ones like city guard and junker mirv and shadow guard. power hour is also the best way to lvl up!

What are some virtual worlds where you can level up?

I found some virtual worlds where you can level up. They are Woozworld, Moshi Monsters, Fantage, Epic Duel, Adventure Quest, Super Secret, Secret Builders, Herotopia, IMVU, Panfu, Chimpoo, Ekoloko, Poptropica, And Tinkatolli!

What does training mean in epic duel?

You retrain when you go back to lvl 1 and lvl up again to ur current lvl

How do you level up in yu-gi-oh online?

Duel other people

Why cant you train berserker skill on epic duel?

You can train berzerker skill by leveling up to level 5 and up by clicking on berzerker if you are a merc. You can if you're a merc, it just add 3 o the attack each time you train it. The lowest amout of attack it can do is 4.

Can you evolve on epic pet wars?

You cannot evolve on epic pet wars, you simply level up. You can level up by doing jobs, winning battles, or using special battlemaster items.

Where can you level up fast in maple story?

You can level up fast from anything. You can kill monsters or go do quests. Its impossible not to level up fast from killing monsters or doing quests. Unless you are killing very weak monsters like level 1 or something.