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first go to the terrace then talk to cheerleaders in sequence like first boy then the boy to the extreme rigth then the boy near the first boy then the boy to the right of that boy

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Q: How do you learn the move baby dragon on inazuma eleven?
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What is a baby dragon?

a baby dragon

Where do you get a dragon on Dragon Fable?

you can get a baby dragon after finishing the quest chain of a baby dragon if you want a titan dragon you need a dragon amulet to grow it up

Can you grow your baby dragon really big in Dragon Fable?

You can only grow your baby dragon once.

How many hours does it take to breed a baby blue fire dragon in DragonVale?

It takes 12 hours to breed a blue fire dragon. :) I still need to learn how to breed this though. Hope this helped.

What do you feed an eleven month old baby?

baby food milk

Where are the dragon eggs in binweevils?

it is a baby dragon

What happens when the baby dragon hatches in the smallest dragon boy?

when the baby dragon hatched , all the dragons chose their companion

How long does it take for your baby dragon to fully grow in Dragon Fable without a dragon amulet?

You need to have an amulet for a baby dragon to fully grow sorry.

Can you buy a baby dragon?

No, baby dragons do not exist. They are mythical creatures.

What is better for a kid a baby beared dragon or older beared dragon?

a baby beared dragon is better because it will be nicer and will get to know you

Can you buy a dragon in Dragon Fable?

No you can't buy a dragon,You do dragon missions to hatch your baby dragon.

How do you get a baby dragon?

You complete the dragon egg saga