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Q: How do you know where stars are in Alyssa's star challenge in webkinz world?
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How do you get the space suit in webkinz world?

You have to go to the charm forest and do Alyssas Star Hunt. if you catch a comet then you might get a part to the space suit

Where do the Webkinz live?

webkinz world

Is Webkinz world on iPods?

There is some of the Webkinz arcade games for Ipod Touches and there is Webkinz Friends for Ipads. Just not Webkinz World.

Can you sled in Webkinz world?

No, you can't sled in webkinz world.

Why can't we vote for what we want to do in webkinz world?

There already is a Webkinz world online. Questions TO Webkinz should be asked on the Webkinz website, not on WikiAnswers.

How many webkinz were made in the world?

In the world about 116 webkinz where made

What is the Webkinz world arcade?

A place in Webkinz World where you can earn Kinzcash

Can you name all the Webkinz from a to z of what kinds of Webkinz there is?

All the webkinz are posted on Webkinz world.

Can your Webkinz get married on Webkinz world?

You can't. Sorry.

How do you get tokon's on Webkinz world?

all you need to do i play games and do actitives on webkinz world.

Where can you get a Webkinz code?

You get a webkinz code by buying a webkinz at your local store. They have a store locater on webkinz world. The code is in the tag that's attached to your webkinz.

Is jalva18 a member in Webkinz?

yeh! there is jalva18 in webkinz world!