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if it is fat

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Q: How do you know if your scardox alien is pregnant?
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Can a man alien scardox get pregnant?


What do you do if your scardox alien is pregnant?

Im not too sure, mine is pregnant right now but i dont know how to get it out :S

Can you take scardox aliens out of the goo?

I just got my scardox alien yesterday and I didn't know. However I have done some testing and guess what I found out- you can! But I'm not sure about if it's pregnant! But if your scardox alien is out of the goo and it's not pregnant still try not to leave it out that long... I mean you can, but soon it might be a bit bad for your alien!

My alien from scardox has a hole in its neck what do you do?

if its an adult its pregnant if its young its dieing sorry

Were to buy scardox alien eggs?

Where to buy scardox alien eggs

How do you know if your scardox alien is an adult?

it is larger than a baby

How do you know if your toy alien is dead?

if you have a scardox alien,{meaning a birthpod by grossman}if the plastic lid is steamyish.

How long does a Scardox Alien stay Pregnant for?

five mins approx na it takes about 5 years

How do you know if a scardox alien is pregnant?

You can check if it is pregnant, by looking at its back or its head. If it has got a hole on the back or the head, then it means it's pregnant. My alien is pregnant as well, and it has a hole on its head. Plus, I can see the baby's head! To get an alien pregnant, you need to get a male alien, and a female alien. Then you put them together back to back, and i think it takes 2 weeks - 1 month to get female aliens pregnant? Anyway thats all I know, but its also my first time having an alien, although my friends have told me how to take care of an alien, so I thank them xD

How are you supposed to know if a scardox alien is pregnant?

It will ask you, "Why is there a huge lump in my stomach?" duh.... oh and it will call you mr. easyIt is really hard to know if your alien is pregnant. The alien may not appear to be pregnant like a human does, so you may just have to wait and see if a baby is born. On the TV show, Third Rock From the Sun, when the human got pregnant by the alien, she gave birth within 12 hours.

How do you know if the Scardox alien growing Keyring is a girl or a boy?

it get an inch bigger

How do you know if an alien from scardox is eating?

i think the goo leaves slowly slowly