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There really is no reason why they don't get pregneant.

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Q: Why female Sims don't get pregnant after alien abduction?
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How long does an alien abduction last in sims 2?

usually a week

Sims deluxe alien abduction pregnancy Can it happen?

Yes it is quite possible for alien abduction pregnancies to happen even with male sims! This can happen by looking through a telescope at night but the more chance of it happening is to have the cheat mode on and select to 'Be abducted'.

How long does it take for a guy on sims 2 to get pregnant from an alien abduction on PS2?

when hmmm oh i remember when the aliens go away orit will be in the dersert after killing the alien 2sorry that's relation ship hmm if you get dead

Can you turn into aliens?

No, as far as I know, you are not able to turn into an alien, in sims 3 or sims 2. In sims 3, so far they do not have alien abduction like they did in sims 2. I predict they will add that later though, probably upgraded.

In sims 2 Can you make female Sims get pregnant after an alien abduction?

Female Sims in The Sims 2 DON'T naturally get pregnant by an alien abduction, but can get pregnant normally after an abduction. Or you can always use the cheat from the Tombstone of L(ife) and D(eath). The steps for the cheat is: When your in neighborhood view open up the cheat bar (Press Control Shift C on your keyboard at the same time) and type in "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true" EXACTLY like that (CAPS AND LOWERCASE DOESN'T MATTER!!!! AND NO QUOTATION MARKS!) then enter the family that has the female you want to be alien pregnant, (the female can be single) and then click your Sim while holding down the shift key, and then select Spawn, then Tombstone of L&D, then a random grave should pop up (DON'T WORRY YOU DIDN'T ACCIDENTALLY KILL YOUR SIM) click the grave and DON'T hold shift, and then select Make me Alien Pregnant. The cheat works for the PC, and probably the Mac, but will most likely not work on gaming platforms. When you use the cheat boolprop (Often called Boolpropping) keep in mind that it is a powerful cheat, and I once accidentally messed up a lot a little bit, don't freak out, just be careful and don't boolprop excessively... I want them to come back pregnant on sims 2 pets ps2! Instead of sims 2. Please message me in my box. if this is possible.

Can the guy get pregnant from the alien's in ps2 sims 2?


How do you make your alien pregnant?

You can, The same as the normal sims.

How can you meet aliens from the abduction on sims 2?

You can't.The only way to meet aliens to have a male sim get abducted and when he comes back,your sim will be pregnant.You won't notice it,but like female sims,in a few days you'll have a baby alien.

Why wont my alien sim get alien pregnant on sims 2?

The alien sim can't get pregant. But it can make human sims pregant, even boys, or children! But sorry an alien sim can not get pregant!

Can sims have kids when they are elders?

Male elders can get younger Sims pregnant, female elders can not get pregnant.

Is there a cheat code to get your Sim boy alien Pregnant in the Sims 3?


How do you meet an alien on the Sims 2?

Have your sim look through the expensive telescope at night and wait. But your sims will get pregnant with an alien baby including men.

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