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You know if your ex really sorry if he begs and pleades you for days and if u think you might give him a chance, make him prove to you hes sorry by spinning extra time for you giving you compliments getting you things

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Q: How do you know if your ex is sorry?
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Does your ex still love you after breaking up four months ago?

I don't know your ex's personality, sorry... ...and I don't know how you broke up. Could be possible. I could not know from a distance without knowing you both. Check back with your ex to find out, do you know a friend of hers, you could ask if there is someone new in her life?

What do to do now your ex is engaged?

I am sorry to say, but "ex" means it's over. You haven't accepted this and moved on and your ex has and is engaged to be married. Be happy for your ex and start getting out with friends, socializing and before you know it you'll meet someone else and fall in love.

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Maybe you should ask her straight into her eyes, or even look at her body language. Sorry mate but I don't know what else you should do. :(

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iam only eleven and sorry i don't know

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basically that means she is sorry and misses you. dude she wants you back...

How do you let your ex know you don't want him back?

just tell him during dinner your dating a guy and then say o sorry i wasnt meant to tell you that

What if your ex boyfriend says he is better then you?

I don't know what to tell you then. I would get angry, but you just need to move on. Ignore him. He may think he is better then you, but you'll always know that you're better, and that you can move on. Sorry about that then.

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Sorry I do not know. We do not sell them.