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click the edit account button on the lower right hand side of the options (?)....

it will say your penguins age..... ex. your penguin is 703 days old....

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Q: How do you know how old you are in Club Penguin?
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How do you get the third penguin in Club Penguin?

If you know how to work this website you're to old for a club penguin.

Can you get on the old Club Penguin?

Not on the current Club Penguin but I think that they have old Club Penguin on Penguin Chat.

How many people want old club penguin back?

You can't really tell the answer to that. You could make a poll though. Ask people you know if they like the new club penguin or the old club penguin. I'll start you out. I like the old club penguin back. So far you know at least 1 person wants it back!

Is there Club Penguin heaven?

There is not a club penguin heaven. On club penguin there is a HQ if you do not know about it.

Is there an old party place on Club Penguin?

No, there is no old party place on club penguin

Do you like old Club Penguin or new Club Penguin?

Personally I prefer new club penguin but the difference is minimum and old club penguin was nice as well. There is a group of penguins called the nonewcp who insist and try to persuade people and sometimes club penguin its self, to bring old club penguin back.

How old is g on Club Penguin?

on club penguin, g is anywhere frome 60-67. he is old than my grandpa that's for sure!!!! lol (club penguin has NOT been online that long. In Club Penguin, his penguin might be 4 years because Club Penguin is 4 years old and he might work in the Club Penguin company.

What is an archive on Club Penguin?

an archive is where the old things from club penguin are

Who is the oldest penguin on Club Penguin?

probably the betas like timpenguin and cuteness 93 That is true, but the real first penguin was Rsnail (rocketsnail). He was the creator of what we call "old Club Penguin". Old Club Penguin... her name is misscutee she happens to be 6 years old on club penguin One of the oldest penguin and is still active on Club Penguin is Sprint123. He is 2739 days old (10/18/2013).

Can you go to the old version of Club Penguin?

Yes you can actually! If you don't go on Club Penguin for a month then go back on it and you'll be in the old Club Penguin!

How old is the oldest penguin and how old is it on Club Penguin?

Billybob is the Oldest Club Penguin Alive, But I'm Not sure about his age on Club penguin, u will have to look it up Hope This Helps!

On Club Penguin ds where is the dojo?

nowhere that was the very old version of club penguin