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I don't know how to a knife kill in Fireteam Bravo 1, but for Fireteam Bravo 2, sneak up behind him/her and on top of your reticle will have a square button and the word beside it is "Knife". The goal is to maintain stealth. You can only do the knife kill when you are behind the enemy. For Fireteam Bravo 3, you cannot do a knife kill. You can only do something called a Stealth Kill. Sometimes stealth kills include knife. If you do a stealth kill, you might first choke him from behind and then stab him with a knife 3 times. The goal is to maintain stealth.

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Q: How do you kill with a knife on SOCOM US Navy SEALs Fire Team Bravo?
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How do you unlock the mission tea and cupcakes in socom fire team bravo 3?

By completing 50 custom missions

In socom us navy seals fire team bravo 2 psp what is a cutoff?

Cutoff is a map. If you choose Cutoff as your mission area in co-op or Infrastructure (Online Play), the map is also known as Derelict Urban and you will do your gameplay there.

How do you buy weapons in socom US Navy seals fire team bravo2?

you earn money from former missions

Why is SOCOM Fire team Bravo rated mature?

because of when you shoot people sumtimes a dust cloud surrounds them, and because there is a lot of explosions and frantic action

What is better MW2 or socom?

i have played socom 1 socom 2 socom 3 and cimbined assult for the ps2 i like socom 2 and combined assult socom 4 (i believe) i a good game as well but there is also fire team bravo 1, 2, and 3 each one is good in there own ways but 2 is the best cuz they are classics in my opion :P

How come socom US Navy seals 3 and socom US Navy seals combined assault that when you order any of your fireteams fire at will they miss their targets?

If they were to hit all their "targets", the game wouldn't be any fun. So my best guess is that the devs probably did this on purpose to make you have to do most of the work.

What is the name of US Navy seal fire teams?

The U.S. Navy's Sea, Air and Land Teams are the elite principal naval special operations force. In the SOCOM games on the PlayStation 2 it was called Fireteam Bravo.

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Will ps3 rapid fire controller work with socom 4?

no because it has something different.

Can you game share on the psp with Socom us navy seals fire team bravo 2?

You are probably misleaded by the Socom 2 'game sharing' idea. Sony cheaped us out by only sending a demo when you game share Socom 2. So that means you can't play your friend one on one unless he gets a copy as well.If your still interest in giving your friend the 'demo'. You need to run the game and go to options and find the game sharing icon. Click on it while your friend is in XMB mode on his psp, where he can still move around selecting icons. He needs to select the game sharing icon in the XMB and accept your request to send the demo. After that it should send and save to his memory stick.I hope that clarified your question.

How do you make fire with a knife?

You can use the knife to create sparks from flint to start a fire.

What is the best socom us navy seals game?

To me, I think the best Socom game is FTB2 (Fireteam Bravo 2) because FTB2 has lots of missions, you can play online just requiring Internet Connection which is very easy to get. I'll tell you why there is Socom US Navy Seals:Tactical Strike and not a FTB4. Tactical means movement. In Tactical Strike, you have 4 teammates with you in missions. How to play the game? Well, you press o to move your teammates. You tell them to fire your weapons at the enemy; meaning that you don't control the team, you must press circle to move the team and you watch. When you press circle, you get an arrow. Then, you move the arrow where you want to move your team to. It's kind of stupid. So don't buy the game called Socom US Navy Seals:Tactical Strike, I repeat, don't buy the game Socom US Navy Seals:Tactical Strike. I guarantee you that you'll regret it. FTB3 has very few missions to do. 8 missions. And basically, you just repeat those missions to earn more CE. (Command Equity)