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Slash it with your sword. You can block its attack with your shield.

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Q: How do you kill the first monster in Zelda?
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How do you kill the fire monster in the dark palace in Zelda link to past?


How can you kill Zelda in the water tempale on legend of Zelda orcarina of time?

You never kill Zelda.

How do you get past the monster on the third floor of the tower of spirits on Zelda spirit tracks?

i think you are saying the rat on top of the robot anyway you kill it by getting on top of zelda's shield [after you attack a phantom] and slice it down

How do youu stop the pirates in Zelda spirit tracks?

you first have to fight the Small monsters then there comes a big monster dodge his attacks and hit him as much as you can but when he keeps his hand longer in the air he gone attack again after a Little time the Little monsters come kill them first and go farther with the big monster and that's how

How do you kill the yellow monster in the Temple of Courage on Zelda Phantom Hourglass?

You speak into the microphone, If you want to do it the easy way just blow into the microphone. Either way will do

Can you help Zelda spirit tracks 11F how to beat the monster?

distracked it with Zelda then trike from the reer

How can you kill Zelda on legend of Zelda orcarina of time?

You can't. Zelda is the princess you save. If you COULD kill her, well, there would be no point of the game at all.

Why does possessed zeldas tights show?

I don't know Ganondorf try to kill Zelda she become possessed Link kill Ganondorf or Zelda and Zelda is not possessed.

Does Zelda die?

Zelda can die in Twilight princess. But its a cheat code that will help you kill her. i meant does ganondorf kill her

What is the sea monster in the legend of Zelda?

Twilit aquatic morpheel.

Where to get golden crusher blade in AQWorlds?

/join Andre and kill the first monster

How do you kill the boss on the isle of rune in the legend of Zelda phantom hourglass?

shoot an arow at it when it charges at you then when its going around in circle shoot the purple eyes with arrows on the monster then when the shell is off hit it by the face and hit the blue thing on the back of the monster