How do you kill imran zakhaev in call of duty 4?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You do not actually kill him, when you do shoot him the bullet always knocks his arm off because he cannot die. You can shoot him nearly anytime, I got lucky once and shot too soon missed but then shot again and got him. But the best time is when after the helicopter leaves and the flag stays still.

There are actually many different ways to kill him, even though the only way u can kill him is by shooting a bullet. Since, you are stuck in a stationary prone position like a true sniper would do. you have to zoom in 800 or so meters down range into this big open lot. several jeeps pull up and it looks like there's going to be a meeting of some sort. this extremist comes out of a car and is waiting for Imran. finally Imran comes out from a corner near the rear bumper of the vehicle carrying a suitcase with some "goods" in it. your captain tells you to watch out for several stuff, and make sure to become very calm and patient because you cant pull the trigger till the wind dies down or else it will drag the bullet off into a different direction then the trajectory of your anticipated bullet flight.

he says to watch out for humidity, the Coriolis effect, gravity, etc. i will explain when to strike, why to strike, and what time it is suitable to do so.

first lets start off with the basics. after captain Macmillan confirms a positive ID on imran zakhaev, you can shoot whenever, just make sure you don't wait too long or shoot too soon because there are moments in which interferences like the helicopter swoops in to block your view or when imran freaks out on the guy and moves in a different direction.

just make sure to evaluate his behavior, how the situation is going, and anticipate his next moves and where his body is going to end up at.

later on, the wind will die down for less than 2 seconds, so if you can.shoot the gun and the bullet should travel for 1.03 seconds and hit the target before the wind kicks up again and changes your bullet flight.

now, the one part i had a hard time with was the bullet trajectory. because theres gravity, it pulls down on the bullet, and because of the spinning of the earth and the continuous flight of the bullet, it spins and changes its path to the left. after a half a second, its path is dramatically changed after the wind that's carrying it. So, make sure to shoot the gun when the flag to the left dies down. follow these principles and you should successfully complete the task.

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Q: How do you kill imran zakhaev in call of duty 4?
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