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If You press ctrl shift c all at the same time ur game will pause. Then a box will pop up in the corner. In the box you type testingcheatsenabled true

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Q: How do you keep the Sims 3 Sims need bars full with out having to do the stuff they need is there a cheat code to keep the bars sleep eat shower socialize full?
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Hope this helps. 1/8 Answer: h, gives the cheat: imamarysue, cheat gives you max stats 2/8 Answer: measurements, gives the cheat: skywithdiamonds, cheat gives you $1000 3/8 Answer: incorrectly, gives the cheat: irobbedsantaclaus, cheat gives you 100 of all items 4/8 Answer: 45, gives the cheat: idontwanttoplaythisgame, cheat gives you max EXP with all boys 5/8 Answer: 20, gives the cheat: battleofmidway, cheat brings you to day 15 6/8 Answer: 21, gives the cheat: isteppedonhistoe, cheat brings you to last day 7/8 Answer 120, gives the cheat: ipwnchucknorris, cheat gives you stats, items, 2000Hp, ad $1000 8/8 Answer 4, gives the cheat: bottledfairy, cheat gives you 2000 Hp Location: 1/8- Teacup behind Oliver (Bunny) 2/8- Bear statue in the maze 3/8- Mushroom next to Lance (Cat) 4/8- Lamp behind Elliot (Prince/King) 5/8- Vase in the castle 6/8- Flowers on the floor next to Clark (The Mad Hatter) 7/8- Clock tower (Go to town square) 8/8- Flowers ( The room you sleep in)

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hi well you either have build a better bed to sleep in or use the fill all motives cheat. fill all motives :R2, UP, X, SQUARE, L1 to activate that cheat first you need to get the cheat gnome : R1, L1, DOWN, SQUARE, R2 do the cheat gnome cheat while on the pause menu then do the fill all motives one second. then go to the little pirate gnome and click max then click fill all motives hope i helped for this is the first question i have ever answered :)

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First, If you do not know him/her say pick up line. It should creep him/her out! Second, go to someone's house and take a shower, eat food out of their fridge, or sleep in their bed! xox, Astotzzy

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If they could it couldn't be rated T for Teen and then it would not have as many buyers because parents would not allow there children to play Mature rated games.If you want to put the two teenagers in 1 bed you buy two single beds, then use the cheat moveobjects on and then put the beds in eachother so you can see still 2 pillows. and then use the cheat moveobjects off to put your cheat off -_- and voila you can put them together but remember there are still two beds :) !

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