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0----0----0----0 Three lines; four dots

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2010-04-14 09:13:40
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Q: How do you join four dots with only three lines?
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How can you join nine horizontal and vertical dots with three straight lines?

*___*___*___*___*___*___* I *_______*

How can you connect four dots shaped like a square without lifting the pen?

you join the dots without lifting your pen.

Can you solve this - the dots from h join to a name known to its?

its known name to join the dots from H to A

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Is an exterior angle of a triangle always 180 degrees?

No! A triangle has three points on it, and the sum of the exterior angles will always be greater than 180 degrees. As a simple test, draw three dots in a triangle form, and join them up. Using a protractor, add the angles. This will be more 190degrees. If you now place three dots in a straight line labelling them dots a, b, and c, and now join them up. The angle from the line between dots a-b, to the line between dots b-3 is 180degrees.

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How to arrange nine coins in eight straight lines such that in each straight line there should be three coins?

draw 9 lines and join them

How do you join 9 3x3 dots and only use 1 straight line?

It is not possible. Several (4) straight lines without lifting your pen is possible but 1 line is not.

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Three molecules of water are formed when four amino acids join together. This is the result of three amide bonds that underwent condensation reactions.

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um....... it means you have learned how to play join the dots but seriously i dont know:(

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The three lines making up a triangle do not intersect (cross) each other. Two lines join at each corner of the triangle.

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