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if you have someone to 6 hearts they will invite you if you talk to them the day before

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Q: How do you invite someone to a festival in harvest moon tree of tranquility?
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How do you get a date for the Starry Night Festival in Harvest Moon DS?

All you have to do is speak with the with girl you want to go with on the day before the festival (Winter 23rd). If she has a Green Heart Color or any color after Green she will invite you spend the festival with her.

How do you invite someone to a festival in French?

Souhaitez-vous venu à la fête avec moi?

How do you get Owen to like you in harvest moon tree of tranquility?

to get Owen to like you really fast is to visit him everyday give him rice dishes and cocktails.also ores will work too.a day before a festivaltalk to him and he'll invite you to it.

Can someone invite you to minecraft realms?

what I meant to ask was can someone invite me to minecraft realms

How do you spell invite in Japanese?

招き入れる (manekireru) - invite someone in 招く (maneku) - invite someone (somewhere)

In the game harvest moon ds cute how do you go to the starry night festival with rock?

Winter 24: Starry Night This festival must be set up the day before, on the 23rd of Winter. On that day find the potential spouse with a Green heart color or higher. The person will then invite you have a party with them the following evening.

What is magico-mimetic?

it is a rituals composed of chanting and gong beating to invite good harvest

What is the verb for invitation?

The verb of invitation is invite. As in "to invite someone to something".

How do get a blue feather on harvest moon PSP?

in harvest moon boy and girl ,if you are a girl you must give anything on him to make him appreciate what you give and visit him everyday so that the heart becomes black to became red and also for additional invite him when festivals comes so that you will arrive in the festival or together with him,try not to forget to talk with him.. that's all

How do i invite someone to your faction in mine craft?

To invite someone to your faction in Minecraft, do /f invite <player name>. They then need to do /f join <faction name> to accept your invitation.

When did it become proper to invite someone to a wedding shower and yet not invite them to the wedding?

It's not in most cases. Destination weddings may be an exception, but to invite someone to your shower and not your wedding is a big no no.

How do you invite someone WeeWorld?

Will you join me...?