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Q: How do you invite someone to join your clan in crossfire?
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What if you can't join a clan in crossfire?

Then you won't be able to join any clan wars.

How can you join a clan in pokemon omega?

You cant join a clan.Someone has to invite you to join their clan.

How can you join a clan of crossfire com?

When you are high enough rank, go the the Crossfire Clan page and look for clans you like. Then you can apply to them.

How do you invite people to join your clan if they are not on your friend list?

go into your clan setup and change the setting to allow anyone to join your clan... then get them to click join clan then they have to type your username when prompted to join clan

How do you get zp in crossfire without paying?

You have to create a clan or join a clan so every month you earn 4000zp

How can you join a clan in maple story?

You have to find a member of the clan you want to be in. You have to have the person send you an invite to the guild. Only the ones who are chosen by leader or co-leader can choose which member to invite who.

How do you invite someone WeeWorld?

Will you join me...?

How do you join

someone has to invite you

How can you recruit peopole to your clan in combat arms?

You can ask them to join, when they do, you can go to the clan tab to accept them into your clan. You can also right click on a player's name and click "Invite to Clan". If they accept they will be automatically applied to the clan. You can then go to the Clan tab and accept them into your clan.

How do you join a clan in crossfire?

Requirements:- Must have a GameClub Account.- Player's rank should be Private (Level - 2) or higher.- Must not be a member of any clan.Steps:1. Proceed to CrossFire Clan Site.2. Login using your GameClub Account in Member's Login Box.3. Once you are logged in. Click on "My Clan" Box to Join Clan.4. You will be redirected to Clan Search Result Window.5. In search box, you may type-in the name of the clan that you wish to join and click on "Search" button. You also have an option to search using the name of the clan master.6. Click the name of the clan and you will be redirected to the clan page.7. You may now click on "Apply" and fill up the "Join Clan Request Letter below..".8. Your application will be subject for approval of the clan is the site:

What does invite mean on counter strike servers?

Invite in counter-strike servers is self-explanatory really. It means that the server admins/mods will ASK you to join their clan opposed to you trying out for the team. It could also mean an invite to join the server.

How do you join a clan in warrock?

Easy just create an account and then shut down (I think ) and come back again.By the way it took me a month to do I cos I cept making mistakes