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you can go to their profile and it should ask if u want to send a Friend request and u will click yes. now sense i answered this send bubbleblower22 a friend request.

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Q: How do you invite friends over on Roblox?
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How do you get a big group on ROBLOX?

To get a big group on roblox, you must be popular or, invite people and you can invite your friends too.

How do you get a poplar group on ROBLOX?

You can get a popular group on Roblox in several ways. One way is to create a group with a lot of interest then invite a lot of people to join it. Otherwise you can Just invite your friends and tell them to invite friends and so on. Also, if your group is inactive it will not likely grow, so do stuff with it.

Is it illegal to invite friends over to watch a movie?

No, it is not illegal to invite friends over to watch a movie.

On roblox how do you invite people?

Im a big fan of ROBLOX and happen to know the Answer. Just go to I think it is "Invite Friend" and then you type your real name, and then you type your friends, and your, email. Then just....send the message on what your doing.

Where do you invite people to Roblox?

Go to "My Roblox", and click the "Share Roblox" button. There you can send emails from your Roblox account to their email account. _________________________________________________________________ If you invite 3 or more people you get a badge for it.

Should you invite your friends over tomorrow?

If you feel strongly about it - you should invite them over today! Why put it off?

What are the codes in roblox?

If you mean cheat codes, then there is no. If referral codes, then go to My ROBLOX -> hover your mouse over Share -> Invite a Friend, then there's your referral code.

How do you invite people over to a place on roblox it says you can because theres a inviter badge.?

You don't invite people to a place on roblox, you invite them to the site itself. To invite people, click Share ROBLOX on your profile, then enter their email and a message, asking them to join roblox. If they sign up, you have successfully invited someone. To get the Inviter badge, you must get three people to sign up for roblox. (edit by Robotica) - You can also 'cheat'. Just make fake email addresses and invite them. Then you get a free badge :P (Edited By Cams69charger) Robotica........No You Cant Do it Like That.......How You Cheat is like This.......First You Must have 3 Computers (uncles and Aunts, dad and moms,or even your grandmothers........) Then You Invite Their Emails and They MUST Install ROBLOX On That Computer Unless You Wont Get Credit For It........Seeya

How do you invite friends to a place on roblox?

First, go into Roblox Studio. Next, create a new place. Build whatever you want in the game. Then, when your done. Go to file, and click, "Upload to Roblox". Follow the instructions Roblox gives.

How do you send someone a builder's club invite on roblox?

Go to the Invite A Friend and then fill out the stuff then send it too their e-mail then if they want to sign up for ROBLOX they will.

How do you invite somebody over on webkinz?

to invite somebody over, you need to have somebody on your friends list that is on line the same time as you are. If you are in the same colour zone, you click on your friend and the invite option on the cellphone will be availible.

How do you get friends to come over?

You ask you mom/dad/carer if it is OK then you invite them.