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NPCs were added in 1.8 you now don't need mods!

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Q: How do you install the npc plugin for minecraft. I did all it and i cant get it to work?
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What should you do if your Minecraft skin will not work?

First Make sure you closed minecraft COMPLETELY then install the skin (re install) It should work correctly if not you don't have a premium account

How do you install mo explosives for a server on minecraft?

It doesn't work

What mods work on Minecraft 1.2.3 servers?

The Server has to install the mods Not You.

Can you have the Pokemon mod in creative mode in minecraft?

If you install a mod it will work in all gamemodes.

Have you installed the Minecraft mocreatures mod correctly because it's not working?

You need to install Minecraft Forge in order for many mods to work. Look up a YouTube tutorial to find out how to install Forge.

Why wont your commands work in minecraft 1.3.1?

if you mean a bukkit servers plugin commands not working then it may be because they need to update there plugin or it may not be installed properly. If it is a normal server downloaded from the site then you should be able to use all the default commands.

Why don't command block health boosts work in minecraft?

There isnt a command for health boost. If you can get a plugin to do so then set it as @p healthboost 1000 (guessing thats the command)

How do you get minecraft to work without updating your drivers?

sorry it cant be played with out updating your driver bummer :(

Can you use rock band game with guitar hero instruments?

no it does not fit in the plugin meaning you cant play it for wii, playstation or anything else. they will not work separate

How do you get Quicktime to work in Firefox?

AnswerIf you have QuickTime 5.0 or later installed, Mozilla Firefox will automatically use the plugin. You do not need to do anything. If you install QuickTime after Mozilla Firefox, the QuickTime installer will automatically install the plugin for Mozilla Firefox.So the easy solution is to download and install the newest version of quicktime from Apple, after having firefox installed.More Answers:It is recommended you just use Quicktime Player 7 then you will have no problems.

Why doesn't my sound work on more creeps and weirdos minecraft?

because you need to install the audio mod

What can you download to install a printer please post me a link?

you cant install printers so buy a new computer that can work