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just instAll it

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Q: How do you install open ps2 loader themes?
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Can you install the sims 2 ps2 expansion pack and put it on your ps2?

You don't have to install anything because its on playstation2 :)

How do you convert PS2 game into PC game?

you r install in PC ps2 emulter and bios and play ps2 games

How do you boot hd loader on slim ps2 scph-90004?

pls check on, its all answered now.

How do you install a ps2 in a car?

While it can be done the main problem and expense is enough power to operate the PS2 and TV

What color themes are Sony's themes?

sorry but I only know that ps2 background is black with colerful balls and a background sound of the ocean.

How do you install samurai warriors 2?

put the cd in ps2

Can you get the Sims Open for Business for PS2?


How i play ps2 games while install bleem software?


How can you play PS2 games on your Windows Vista?

Only if you install a PCSX2 emulator can some PS2 games be played on PCs capable of running it

What is a PS2 game starting with o?

Open Season

How can you get a game shark for your PC?

get the ps2 version copie it then open the console page delete ps2 and write PC

What mod chip would you have to install in order to play ps2 games on your Wii?

It does not exist