How do you add mods to a ps2 game?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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you have to get somebody to install a mod chip then you can add mods and put games on the ps2 although, if you bought your ps2 and it was already chipped, then it'll be easier for you to add mods. But downloading them and installing them requires the right programs and requirements...

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Q: How do you add mods to a ps2 game?
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Can You Get Car Mods In Flatout 2 PS2?

No, not in PS2, only the PC version of the game.

How do you get game mods on ps2 games i have NFS most wanted on ps2 ive opened up the game file and was searching for any mods to put in the file can someone give me a list of addresses to get mods?

i think the mods are only for pc......i hav the same doubt

What are Blockland mods?

Mods, or add-ons, are modifications to the game.

How do you download PC game mods?

look what ever game you want and add the word mods to the end on google. e.g oblivion mods, GTA mods

How do you get tdu mods for ps2?

u cant cos its on ps2, u need it on PC to get mods

How do you get mods on gta sa on ps2?

You can't get mods for ps2 but you can on PC/any other computer maybe mac. There are cheats for ps2 though!

How do you get game mods on ps2 games i cant figure out how my ps2 is modded but it isn't modded with a mod chip its was moded using a slot card?

well first of all i dont know how you modded your card slot but to get the mods on games you have to put the game disk on your computer and then open the folder in which contains the game files and then past the mods or codes there and eject the disk and put it on your ps2 and BINGO you got then or you could just buy gameshark(easier) 4rm:zero_689

Can you get Sims 2 mods for the PS2?

of course just stick the disk in a computers DVD ROM thingy, and it opens all the files Edit: No. You cannot do that for the PS2, because it is a different game from the PC version, and all mods are made for the PC.

How do you find a Lamborghini on ps2 no mods or cheats?

cant tell u because i dont know what game your talking about

Where can you get mods for Grand Theft Auto 3 ps2?

MODS are for pc's exclusively.....

Can you do mods for San Andreas on ps2?

yes you can

How do you get a masarati on gta san ps2?