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No ,there are mods for it on PC ,but not on ps2,you can only get the scooter that you can win at the carnival ,but you cant get a motorcycle Sorry.

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Q: Can you get a motorcycle in bully for ps2?
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Can you get a motorcycle on bully ps2?

No you cannot get a motorcycle, but you can get a bike or a scooter. The scooter is just like a motorcycle. no actually you can get a bike,scooter,and a go kart

In bully for PS2 can you drive a bike?

No if you mean a motorcycle bike then no but bmx bike scooter and go kart yes yes you can

What games feature a bully on the PS2?

The best game that features a bully on the PS2 is in fact the game titled simply Bully. Bully takes place in a school setting with the player controlling the main character James Hopkins who is a school bully.

Can you get a car on bully ps2?


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Can you get cheats for bully?

what is bully for! ps2 x-box 360 wii pc

What is the bully's name?

if your talking about bully (ps2) by rockstar, jimmy hopkins. (and he isn't that much of a bully if you don't wanna be)

Is there bully on Playstation three?

No it's on the PS2

Can you get Bully Scholarship Edition on ps2 in the UK?


How do you get a kick me sign on bully ps2?

from lockers

When will Bully Scholarship Edition be on PS2?

its not going to be on ps2 . only the wii and xbox 360