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u get it 4th or 5 th mission

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Q: How do you get a skateboard on bully PS2?
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Do you have a skateboard in bully on Ps2?

yes .. ! afcourse u hav a skateboard in bu.lly for ps2 u get it after 4or 5th mission

What IS skateboard cheat codes in gta sa in ps2?


Can you get a car on bully ps2?


Can you play bully for ps2 on a ps3?


All cheats to bully on ps2?


What games feature a bully on the PS2?

The best game that features a bully on the PS2 is in fact the game titled simply Bully. Bully takes place in a school setting with the player controlling the main character James Hopkins who is a school bully.

Can you get cheats for bully?

what is bully for! ps2 x-box 360 wii pc

Is there bully on Playstation three?

No it's on the PS2

Can you get Bully Scholarship Edition on ps2 in the UK?


How do you get a kick me sign on bully ps2?

from lockers

What is the bully's name?

if your talking about bully (ps2) by rockstar, jimmy hopkins. (and he isn't that much of a bully if you don't wanna be)

When will Bully Scholarship Edition be on PS2?

its not going to be on ps2 . only the wii and xbox 360