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Q: How do you install Mo' Creatures Mod?
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How do you install mo creatures mod for minecraft 1.2.4 on a mac?

You dont >:D

How do you find a pegsis on Minecraft?

They are not in minecraft by default. You have to install a mod...Mo Creatures I think it is.

What do piranhas do Mo' Creatures Mod?

Piranhas in the mo creatures mod try to bite you if you go to close

How do you get Minecraft mo creatures?

Mo Creatures is a modification (mod) for Minecraft. You can get this mod by downloading it from The Minecraft Forums.

How do you get mo creatres in Minecraft for free?

Mo Creatures is free. If you didn't know that, you have a bit of learning to do before you attempt to install a mod.

Is portal gun mod compatible with Mo' Creatures mod in Minecraft?

Yes it's compatible with mo creatures but I'm not sure about mo creeps and weirdos.

How do you download Mo Creatures mod for Minecraft?

You download it, get the modloader, and install it. Check youtube to see the steps one by one.

How do I remove the armor from a horse in mo' creatures mod?

In the Mo' Creatures mod to Minecraft, it is possible to craft armor for a horse. You can remove it by using shears.

Is the More Ores mod Compatible with Mo' Creatures?

If You Install Risugami's ModLoader Then All Mods Should Be Compatible With Each Other

Is minion mod compatible mo creatures mod in mine-craft?


How do you keep lions on Minecraft?

Lions can only be found on Minecraft if Mo' Creatures Mod is used. If you would like to keep your lions, keep the Mo' Creatures Mod.

The mod on Minecraft where you can get Dinosaurs?

Not sure about dinosaurs, but alot of animals and stuff you can get by installing mod called "Mo Creatures mod".