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In Roblox Studio, unlock the baseplate using the "lock" tool, then Copy the baseplate, then paste it. Move the baseplate over until it is perfectly even. Don't forget to re-lock it when you're done!

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Q: How do you insert an extra baseplate on ROBLOX?
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What is a baseplate on Roblox?

A baseplate is usually the biggest brick, it is where you spawn at. Just look at "Empty Baseplate" by ROBLOX himself for an example!

How do you change the baseplate in roblox?

You can search "baseplate" in free models, and place it in your map. Hope this helps!

How do you make a new baseplate on Roblox?

Look at your old place, go to configure, go down and get a new baseplate then choose one they have empty baseplate, Happy home in Robloxia, and the war one. your welcome

How do you insert an admin command in roblox?

First, you need to go on Roblox Studio, Then you need to get a admin script Ex. "Person299's admin commands" Put it anywhere on the baseplate. It will show a lot of wording after that. Put your name on it. the some of your best friends(optional). Then test it out. if is doesn't work, get a different script and start this over. Then if it works. that's how to insert admins commands.

What is a roblox insert script?

A ROBLOX Insert Script is a script inserted into Workspace.

How do you remove the baseplate on roblox?

On ROBLOX Studio, press edit by the place you want the baseplate removing. Wait for it to load. Along the top of the screen, there are some buttons, click the first one, that says Tools. Once clicked, it will open into lots of buttons. Click the padlock one, then click the baseplate. Then, press the tool that is like a cursor (computer arrow) and click the paseplate. Then press delete on your keyboard!

What are the dimensions of a baseplate on roblox in studs?

A baseplate is not a set amount of studs, however it is easy to find out just how many studs it is. First open your place in roblox studio and find the baseplate brick in the object browser. In the properties window you will see three numbers by the property "size". The first two numbers are the X and Y coordinates(length and width) while the third number is Z(height).

How do you get a insert tool on roblox?

The ROBLOX administrators got rid of insert tools. You can no longer use them.

How do you find insert tool in roblox?

They don't have it anymore. Join the insert tool wanters on roblox to fight for it back!

How do you delete your floor for a place your building on roblox?

Go to "Workspace", find Baseplate, then right click it and hit cut but make sure you have a spawn.

How do you make ramps on roblox?

First you must be editing in Roblox Studio. Click the insert tab on the taskbar on the top and select "Insert Object". Find slope, select it, and click insert to insert it.

How do you insert admin on Roblox?

Go to insert and then click the script then it will be in the workspace.