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There is a place in the front of the wii that you can open and put it in

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Q: How do you insert a sd memory card into a wii console?
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How do you get music on a Nintendo Wii?

save it to a memory card and insert the memory card to the front of the console or connect the Wii to your computer with the USB cord

How to save Wii sports ratings to transfer to another Wii console?

at the front of the wii there is a slot for an SD card. Insert one and save your ratings to the card. Then you can just transfer the card to a different wii

Can you play GameCube games on the blue wii?

To play Nintendo GameCube games on ANY Wii console, just insert the disc into the slot. Be sure to have Nintendo GameCube controllers and a memory card if you want to save your games. The slots for the cards and controllers are on the top of the console

Where is the sd slot for Wii?

The standard Wii console boasts three memory card slots: One for an SD card and two for Gamecube memory cards. The SD card slot can be found behind a cover on the front of the console, located underneath the disc slot. This slot can be opened with a fingernail or other pointy object. The Wii supports SD cards up to 2 gigabytes on systems running firmware versions earlier than 4.0, or 32 gigabytes running firmware versions 4.0 or later. The Gamecube memory card slots can be found along the top of the console (on the left side if the console is laying flat) underneath a cover near the back of the unit, behind the Gamecube controller ports. Do note that the Wii Family Edition console does not have Gamecube controller ports and memory card slots, and the Wii Mini does not have neither Gamecube memory card slots or an SD card slot.

Can Wii memory cards be used on GameCube games?

You can use GameCube memory cards, but only to save on GameCube games, not Wii games. The Wii already has 512 MB of internal memory, and an optional SD Memory Card can be used to save Wii games.

What type of SD card do you need to softmod your wii?

you can find it in your wii manual. But here are list of cards which can be inserted in wii console- memory card sd card with mini sd card adapter 3.micro sd card with micro sd card adapter

Can you use a Wii memory card in the GameCube?

If it is wii-designed memory card for gamecube games, then yes.

Can you use a Wii SD card for Wii Power Saves?

I think you can use a wii memory card for wii power saves. If you don't have wii memory card, you can buy one on this website:

How do you install virtual console on Wii?

there is no installation in the virtual console. to purchase a wii virtual console game, you will need a wii points card. then go to the wii shop channel click redeem wii points card, then tap in the code. then click on virtual console, select a game. select buy, it will download the game, then it will appear on your wii menu! hope this helps ;)

Can you look at memory card files for GameCube on a wii?

Yep. The Wii has a Gamecube memory card reader and you can view/edit the content.

How do you put a GameCube disk in a will console?

A gamecube disc can be used in a Wii console the same way a Wii disc can. Simply insert the disc into the slot and the wii should pull the disc in and read it.

How do you get the Wii guitar hero 4 microphone to work?

You plug the end of the wire on the microphone into the USB insert in the back of the Wii. It is located near the top, near the GCN memory card slots.