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There are many ways to raise a Pokemon's Happiness. Some ways are to;

- Keep it in your Party

- Capture it in a Luxury Ball

- Have it hold a Soothe Bell (this about doubles happiness gain)

- Feed it vitamins (HP-up, Iron, Calcium, etc,) Drinks from the Veilstone Vending Machines, or Poffins

- Give it massages at the Ribbon Institute or Veilstone City

- Battle with it (But don't let it faint!)

- Feed it certain berries

*Walking/Biking alone takes about 45,000 steps to achieve maximum happiness. (remember that the soothe bell doubles this)


To see if your Pokemon is as happy as it can get, check your Poketch. There is an app that has your Pokemon bouncing into each other and just floating around. If you hold the stylus on one Pokemon, hearts might appear above it. The first stage of happiness is nothing, the next is 1 heart, then 2 hearts, then both hearts grow.


This might be seen as a glitch/cheat. But if you really want to get the happiness up fast here's what you do:

1: Set your Ds' time to between 3-4Pm

2: Start your game

3: Go to kanto - Pallet town - BLUE's sis' house (Or the groomer in goldenrod's basement)

4: Give it a massage (or a haircut)

5: Save game and go back to your Ds start menu

6: Set the date 1 day aheadand repeat proces.

(if you use No$GBA you don't even have to save and quit, just turn you computer's date 1 day ahead :p)

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Q: How do you improve Pokemon happiness?
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At what level does Bunery evolve?

It evolves with happiness. To improve happiness you should try the following:Level up the PokemonKeep it in your partyGive it vitamins such as protein or ironDont let your Pokemon faintGiving it a soothe bell to hold should boost happiness.

How do you improve your Pokémon's happiness in Platinum?

Your Pokemon's happiness can increase by doing the following:Capture it with a Luxury BallMake it hold a Soothe BellKeep your Pokemon in your party for long periods (its happiness will increase marginally every 256 steps)Take your Pokemon to get massages in Castelia City every dayUse vitamins such as Zinc and ProteinLevel up your PokemonDon't allow your Pokemon to faintRefrain from giving your Pokemon bitter medicine such as Energy Roots or Revival Herbs

How do you know the Pokemon happiness?

Some Pokemon games have a specific person you can talk to that will tell your Pokemon's happiness, some Pokemon games show there happiness after giving them an item the closer they get the happier they are.

What is a happiness level in Pokemon pearl?

It shows how much the Pokemon is happy with you. In some Pokemon you can evolve it if it has high happiness.

How do you raise your pokemons happiness?

with raising the Pokemon with that Pokemon for many time You can raise your Pokemon happiness by defeating many trainers with Pokemon do you want to raise.

How do you max out a pokemons happiness?

Maxing out the happiness of a pokemon is somewhat time consuming. Walking around with the pokemon in the lead position will help slowly increase the happiness. You can also feed the pokemon poffins to help raise stats and happiness.

How do you improve Pokemon happiness in Pokemon gold?

You can do this very easily just by leveling it up or feed it some expensive medicine like protein iron or so on and new haircut also helps in goldenrod underground.

How do you get a Munchlax on Pokemon HeartGold to evolve?

You must level it up with max happiness. To improve its happiness, you can give it a massage by someone in the Goldenrod Underground Tunnel. Winning battles helps too. If you have been there, Blue's sister in Pallet Town will give your Pokemon a massage from 3 pm to 4 pm (I think).

Does Pokemon fainting in the battle frontier affect happiness?

no it doesnt, Pokemon happiness does not go down if it faints anywhere.

Where is the happiness meter in Pokemon Pearl?

If you have the happiness App. for your pokewatch thing... you can see how much your Pokemon loves you (how happy they are).

How do you evolve a Pokemon with happines?

Happiness is gained by taking care of your pokemon giving it items, training it and many more things. Once it's happiness reaches the max happiness have it level up to evolve the pokemon.

How do you evolve Togepi in pokemon diamon?

It evolves by Level Up + Happiness at 220. You can't tell what your Pokemon happiness is though.