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Press the Guide buton in the middle of your controller.

Press the little button on the side of your controller that the triggers are on. I believe it's more to the right.

Press the small button just under the right edge of the disc tray of your xbox

Wait for em to connect to each other and then you're good to go.

Note: If there's already four controllers connected, another controller cannot connect.

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Q: How do you hook up a second wireless controller to your Xbox 360?
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Can you hook up a wireless controller to the xbox 360 console?

you can't hook up a wireless control to the xbox 360 just push on the buttom on the middle that depends did you mean a 360 controller or a PC gaming controller 360 controller-yes press the connect button on front of xbox and then on controller. PC controller-no has to be xbox 360 compatible

I cant get my xbox 360 controller to work with vista i have it plugged in to a usb port I downloaded the 360 status but when you turn the Xbox controller it flashes as if it is trying to find the Xbox?

you have to get the wireless gaming adapter that you hook up to your computer via a USB cable. then you can use your controller with your computer.Yes, you can use a controller charger in the USB port

How do you hook a wireless 360 controller?

On your xbox 360 controller at the top there is a small button with 3 little arrows. Point the arrows to your xbox 360 and hold them in. But at the same time you must press in the small black button right below the pace where you would put your wireless controller into, press that small button at the same time

Can you hook up an Xbox controller to a laptop?


How do you hook up a wireless controller to the xbox?

Press the Sync button on the Xbox (next to the memory units) and then press the sync button on the Xbox controller. It should work.

How do you hook a wireless controller to the PS3?

You have to have the wire that connects the controller conected to the PS3 and then you hold the middle button

How do you hook up a xbox to a dsl modem?

You can connect your Xbox by wireless or wired (ethernet).

Can you hook up an Xbox 360 to a Wii for wireless Internet?


How do you hook up an xbox controller to Windows 7 laptop step by step?

Buy a Xbox 360 controller for PC, you can buy these now in store.

What controller will work for Assassin's Creed on a Mac?

Take a controller that is appropriate for you, then find a way to hook it up to a wireless USB

How do you hook up a Xbox 360 wired controller to a 360?

There is two USB slots on the front of the xbox 360 behind the flap plug the usb wired controller into there

How do you hook an Xbox controller up to a computer?

For an Xbox 360 wired controller, just plug it in. Windows should contain the proper drivers to use it. For an Xbox 360 wireless controller, you will need to purchase a special adapter. For an original Xbox controller, chop the end off the cable (or extender cable), strip the wires, and match them up to the wires in a standard USB cable. You can ignore the yellow wire and just cut it of altogether. Then download the drivers from the "Related links" box below.