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You have to have the wire that connects the controller conected to the PS3 and then you hold the middle button

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Q: How do you hook a wireless controller to the PS3?
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Can the PS3 wireless controller work with WWE legends of WrestleMania?

Yes, the wireless controller works with every ps3 games.

How do you hook up controls to playstation3?

I believe that the PS3 has wireless capability for controllers. If you don't have a PS3 wireless controller, then buy one at any electronics store. The wired controllers have a USB connection at the end of it.

Can you hook up an xbox360 controller to the PS3?


Can you sign in a PS3 controller wireless?

Yes you push the PlayStation button on the PS3 controller and that turns the PS3 slim on and also turns on and sets the controller

How much does a PS3 controller that is not wireless cost?

About £20

How do you fix a wireless PS3 controller?

With tools obviously!

Does the PS3 Wireless Keyboard work alone or does it connect to a controller?

It is wireless and not connected.

Will a PS3 controller converter adaptor work with wireless controllers?

The converter adapter allows PS2 controllers to work with the PS3 or a PC.It probably wouldn't work on a wireless controller.

Your xbox wireless mic will not sync to your controller what do you do?

buy a PS3

What is a good wireless controller for the ps3?

You can purchase the standard controller in wireless version made by Sony. Price varies, but can be as high as $55.

Can a person use a PS3 controller to play mwf2 on a PC?

It's not about the Game a PS3 controller is designed for the PS3 as a Bluetooth wireless controller that was not designed for the PC or supported by windows software or hardware.

How can you get wireless connection on your PS3?

Buy a wireless router and hook it to your cable modem. PS3 does not provide broadband you must purchase it