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You don't have a reason to connect a Bluray to the PS2 even if you could. Plus would you want the input or output of the player connected

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Q: How do you hook up a ps2 to a bluray player?
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Can a BluRay Disc Player hook up to any tv set up likestar choice and any size of tv?

Actually, Blu-Rays can only hook up to HDTVs by using an HDMI cable

Can you hook a ps2 up to the internet?


How do you hook up PS2 to dish network?

You can not

Can you hook up your ps2 to your wii through ethernet and get online connection for your ps2?

no you can not

How do you hook up ds action replay to ps2?

you do not

Can you hook up a ds to a ps2?

No. Why would you think that you could hook a Sony product up to a Nintendo DS

Can you hook up a PS2 to a laptop?

ya you can hook it up to any PC or laptop if they are usb enabled. most are.

How do you set up your bluray player for Netflix?

If you already have a Netflix account, you just need to enter your account information on the BluRay player's Netflix menu. If you don't have an account already, you will need to set one up on your computer so that you can get the account information that the BluRay player needs.

How do you hook up a ps2 online?

With an ethernet cable from your router or modem

Can you hook up rock band 2 for PS2 to the PS3?


How can you hook up your ps2 to the internet?

I guess usb cord, i THINK,

How do you hook up a ps2 into a computer screen?

vga box works great