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Sadly you cannot... the makers of Guitar Hero actually didn't know ps2 was online so they made the ps2 version with no online access.

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Q: How do you hook up Guitar Hero wireless guitar to ps2?
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How do you hook up the Guitar Hero guitar on a ps2?

It Depends what guitar you have. If it is wireless then plug the receiver into the slot in the PS2 where you would normally plug in your games controller. If it is not wireless I would guess that you plug it into the USB cable place. The will turn on when you turn the PS2 on. (to turn on the guitar, press the START button)

Can you hook up a Guitar Hero 3 legends of rock guitar to Guitar Hero world tour?

Yes, you can. Just be advised that it has to be for the same exact system.

Can guitar hero on tour decades hook up wireless If it can please say how to?

It can hook up using the DS Wireless System. The rules for that is: The Nintendo you are connecting with must be under 69 feet away.

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<a href="">Hiya!!!</a>

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you cant play ps3 games on ps2

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Of course, you can only hook a guitar to the guitar mixes on the game, but when you go to play the setlist, itll say you need to connect a guitar, that's when you connect it

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yes you can

Your Guitar Hero controller is not working proberly?

Could be 1000 different problems. Just asking the question isn't enough information for us to know at all what the problem could be.