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go to the phone and then click on services and then it comes up maid click on it and then you will be ringing it .

goodluck :) Or, if you want it to clean your business, click on the phone/business/hire a sim/for this lot. Then choose one sim, with a lot of cleaning skill, and when he/she comes click on that Sim/Managment/Assign/Tidy UP. Good luck! P. S. If it Hire a sim doesn't appear under business, try under real estate.

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Q: How do you hire a maid to clean for you on Sims 2 open for business?
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Can you hire a maid on sims 2 castaways?

No you cant but if you want to know how to clean up : light a fire and throw it in.

How can you hire a sim on the Sims 3?

To hire a sims such as a maid use the cell phone or a home phone. They are listed under services.

How do you hire a maid on sims 3 for wii?

That's easy... you can't!!!!

Where can one hire a cleaner to clean dance floors?

One can hire a cleaner at Hire a Maid. One can hire a maid in this site and allow them to clean whatever one wishes. The maids can do a wide variety of different tasks.

How do you clean a kitchen sink?

Hire a maid. Not a plumbing question, hello!

How do you be a maid on the sims3?

You cant BE a maid, but you can hire a maid. If you use the unlock outfits cheat, you can dress up your sim as a maid. (NOTE this may change when sims 3 ambitions comes out)

How do you hire a maid on sims 2?

all you do is go to your phone click service and a box shpould pop up it should say maid in that box click on it and itll ask you if you want to hire a maid and you just click yes

How do you hire maids on sims 2 pets?

Buy a phone in Buy Mode, under electronics. Click on the phone. Click Services. Hire maid. =]

Can you be a maid in sims 2?

No, your sims can not become a maid in the sims 2.

What does a maid service clean?

A maid service may clean your whole home! You can hire them for certain areas of the house, or for the whole thing. Maids may do dishes, vacuum, mop, dust, sweep, clean windows or mirrors, clean the toilet, and any other cleaning chores that you wish for her to do.

Sims to for psp how do you get rid of your maid?

you can't get rid of your maid yet, you have to complete he entire the sims 2 game first then talk to to your maid and see what she needs or wants to get rid of her!!!

Where can I hire a maid that I need to help me clean?

Maid services can be found almost anywhere but they can be potentially expensive. Many charge twenty dollars or more per hour but most provide their own cleaning supplies.