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I suggest you bring a Pokemon that has the move defog,and then use defog to see better while in the cave.

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Q: How do you help Marley through the cave on Pokemon pearl?
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Where is Return Cave in Pokemon Pearl?

Where is return cave in Pokemon pearl

Where is the Pokemon league Pokemon pearl?

in the Pokemon league. Yes, it is but you have to go through a cave to get to it. Look on your map.

How do you get past mount corenet in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Go through the cave

How do you get rid of a person called Trainer Marley who follows you everywhere and will not stop following you on Pokemon?

To get rid of her you have to get through the cave.

What happens when Marley goes in the cave on Pokemon platinum?

I have no ideas

Where can you find a gible in Pokemon Pearl?

in a cave under the bridge by wayward cave on pearl

What do you do at iron island in Pokemon Pearl?

after you've gone through the cave with Riley he give you an egg his Pokemon laid it will be a roilu

How do you get to the altering cave in Pokemon Pearl?

You can't get to the Altering Cave in Pokémon Pearl because there is no such thing in Pearl.

Where do you catch gible in Pokemon pearl?

Wayward Cave. To get there you have to go through and entrance under the bike bridge.

What route is gible the Pokemon on in Pokemon Pearl?

Wayward Cave

What legendary Pokemon are in turn back cave Pokemon pearl?

girantina is in that cave at lv 70

Where is the victory road in Pokemon Pearl?

Make your way through route 223. When you get to a Pokemon Centre, walk into the cave on the left and you will be in victory road.