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Although I never tried it I think you do nothing in diamond than you do with other pokemon. By that I mean get a female eevee and a male ditto.

I platinum you follow the same things only the pair has to like each other.

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Q: How do you have to leave an Eevee in a daycare center with ditto before they can have an egg in Pokemon diamond?
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Where to get phione in Pokemon Diamond?

Breed Manaphy with a ditto in the daycare center, then hatch the egg.

What Pokemon Center Is the old guy with the beardin Pokemon diamond?

He is the Daycare Guy- he takes care of your Pokemon for a small fee

Where is the Pokemon daycare in Pokemon Diamond?

The daycare is in the town: Solaceon in Pokemon diamond, and people ask if you can get in the yard here's the answer you can't so don't try, O.K.

Where is the Pokemon platinum daycare center?

The daycare center is in Solaceon Town just north of route 209

Do Pokemon evolve in the daycare center in Pokemon emerald?

No you can not

How many Pokemon can give to daycare center?

You can only give 2 Pokemon to the daycare centre

How to check what level my pokemon are at at the daycare in pokemon white Without going all the way to the daycare center?

You have to pull the pokemon out of the daycare to check the level

Can you breed Pokemon in the daycare center?


Where do you get a egg in Pokemon White?

At the daycare center

Where is the daycare center in pokemond diamond?

West Solacean town.

Does your Pokemon learn new attacks if it is in the daycare center?

Yes as long as they level up while in the daycare center

How do you get to the daycare center in Pokemon pearl?

it is in solaceon town