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No you can not

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Q: Do Pokemon evolve in the daycare center in Pokemon emerald?
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Do Pokemon evolve in the daycare center in Pokemon white?

No, but they can learn new moves

Can a Pokemon evolve in the day care center in Pokemon gold?

No Pokémon are not capable of evolving while the Daycare Couple are taking care of your Pokémon you will need to take them out of the Daycare in order to evolve your Pokémon.

How do you get a Lucario without evolving rilou?

You can have an egg with a ditto at the Pokemon daycare center with your riolu and evolve that Pokemon into a Lucario.

Do Pokemon evolve at the daycare center in platinum?

no but they can go above that level and you just have to get it up one more level to evolve

How do you get phonie in Pokemon Pearl?

you have to get a manaphy from Pokemon ranger and breed it at the daycare center, but Phione won't be able to evolve into a manaphy

Do Pokemon evolve in daycare for Pokemon sapphire?


Your Magikarp just got back from the daycare center and its over lvl 2o why wont it evolve?

Your pokemon don't evolve while they are in the daycare and once you take them out they are a little harder to train. I suggest you don't even put pokemon in the daycare unless you want to breed them.

Can Pokemon still evolve even if you leave it at the daycare then take it out and train it in Pokemon emerald?

Yes it can but it will take a long time Andy P. rocks and his sister rocks to

Where can you trade kadabra for it evolve in Pokemon emerald?

You have to trade with a friend locally by going to the top floor a Pokemon center and going to the trade center.

Can you evolve in the daycare in Pokemon Gold?

Your Pokemon cannot evolve while in the Day Care.

Do Pokemon evolve in the daycare in Sapphire?

no, they dont.

Can Magikarp evolve in the daycare Pokemon Ruby?

No, Magikarp cannot evolve in the Daycare in Pokémon Ruby.