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Put a pumpkin in the crafting table or self crafting

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Q: How do you harvest pumpkin seeds in Minecraft?
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How do you find pumpkin seeds in Minecraft?

You can get pumpkin seeds randomly in chests in dungeons in Minecraft.Pumpkin seeds in Minecraft can be crafted from pumpkins in the crafting grid.

How do you get pumpkin seeds in Minecraft?

Pumpkin seeds can be found in abandoned mineshaft chests and by putting a pumpkin into a crafting table. They are used to grow more pumpkins.

Do pumpkin seeds need water in minecraft?

The farmland you plant the seeds in, needs to have a water block close by.

Can you harvest ferns on minecraft?

no, you can destroy them, but it is only uncommon they will drop seeds

How do I get seeds to grow pumpkins in Harvest moon island of happiness?

because pumpkin seeds are a summer crop you first have to ship off 100 summer crops in total (meaning tomayoes and maize) and when the total of those 2 have reached 100 then you can purchase pumpkin seeds in chens shop as well as being able to get pumpkin seeds you can also get onion seeds

What part of the pumpkin do pumpkin seeds grow from?

Seeds are found in the gooey inside of the pumpkin.

What are pumpkin seeds called?

Kaddu Beej

Where to find watermelon seeds in Minecraft Xbox 360?

You can only find them in abandoned mineshafts and strongholds. However you can find pumpkin seeds on land if your lucky. Once you have got some seeds you can grow them to get more seeds, also they grow very rapidly compared to some other crops in minecraft.

Are pumpkin seeds a nut?

Well they are called pumpkin seeds not pumpkin nuts so theoretically the are seeds. Also this is serious they are seeds! :D

What is a peanut pumpkin?

pumpkin seeds are little seeds what are inside a pumpkin thats the answer !

Can pumpkin seeds upset your tummy?

Yes, pumpkin seeds will upset your tummy

Where do pumpkin seeds come from?

Pumpkin seeds come from a Pumpkin, just like strawberry seeds come from a strawberry, and cherry pits come from cherries.