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It is very hard to get as it is rare your best chance make a base around it

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Q: How do you grow a greatwood sapling on minecraft technic?
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What does a sapling grow into?

A tree.

What is the definition of 'sapling'?

A sapling is a young tree that is beginning to grow. A young seedling grows into a sapling which then grows into a tree. 'Sapling' can also be used as a euphemism for a young person.

How des tying the sapling to wooden poles help them?

it helps the sapling to be strong enough to grow.

In what way are a sapling and a child alike?

because a child and a sapling are both small and when they grow up they are a andolt tree

Jamal needs to know how fast a red oak sapling grows. What can he do to find this out?

Grow a sapling from seed and measure its growth periodically.

How big do saplings grow?

A sapling is ayoung tree so it will grow as big as it's parents.

What does bonemeal do on Minecraft?

It makes plants grow faster after planting. It works on wheat, pumpkin seeds, melon seeds, saplings and mushrooms. You can also use bone meal as a dye.

Why is will girdling a tree trunk results in the death of the tree?

Because only a sapling can grow.

How long does it take for a kitten to grow in Minecraft?

Kittens don't grow in minecraft

How do you use bone meal on minecraft?

Right click on grass will spawn some flowers and tall grass. Right click on wheat, pumpkin or melon stem, will grow it to maturity. If the growing requirements are met (check the MC wiki) right clicking on a sapling will grow a tree.

Where can pumpkins grow?

on a 3x3 dirt patch in minecraft, and any time of the minecraft year will they grow

Will leaves grow back on red maple saplings after a deer eats the sapling?

Red Maple leaves will not grow back after being fed on by a deer.