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Search for it in the app store, download, open.

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Q: How do you go to work on sims free play for iPad?
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On the sims bustin out does the gnome work on free play or bust out mode?


How do you send sims to work in sims free play?

start your application and when the suitcase (left side ) is flashing click it and the sim flashing is the one that has to be sent to work.

Can you have a baby in free play in the sims 2 for ps2?

well they say in ps2 version it doesnt work

Does free iPad com work?

The website doesn't work, so... no.

How do you play your sims 2 when their at school?

Sims are not playable when they are at school or work.

Do you need the sims 4 to play sims 4 get to work?


On Sims 2 open for business. how do you play your Sim when they are working?

if you mean you want to play as them when they are at work, you can not. you can't go to work with your sims. if you have a business on a different lot then you have to have your sims go to that lot when they are controllable (i.e. not at work)

I got boolprop testingcheatsenabled true to work but I had some problems. So what are the Sims Pet Stories cheats for free play?

Try moveobjects on.

What do you do if your Sims 2 downloads don't work?

You can download the Sims 2 Content Manager (free).

Why does the Sims 3 work on my computer it freezes when I play?


The expansions of the sims 2 can play through the game sims 3?

no, expansion packs for the sims 2 won't work in the sims 3

How do you play Facebook poker on iPad?

Facebook poker requires flash you cannot at present play it on the iPad. There are a couple of other poker rooms that use Html5 instead of Flash that you can play poker with on the iPad.