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Well, you either get the parents (or the child if they are a teenager) to drive the kids to school or get them to walk, which I think you can only do if you have Apartment Life.

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Q: How do you go to school when the bus is gone on sims 2?
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How do you not have youre sims go to school on The Sims 2?

Just keep cancelling out the got to school action and the bus will leave without them.

Can you go to school in sims 3?

Yes but you can't control your sims in school apart from for the school options bar. The school bus comes every morning at 8:00 am to pick up teenagers and children. In the expansion pack Ambitions, sims canjoin the education career track.

On sims 2 how do you get out of school?

You can't! Even if you don't do your homework you can't but you can make your sim not go to school by making him or her sleep cause the bus leaves at 9

How do you go to school with your sims?

You can't follow Sims to school or work.

The sims 2 why does your school bus come for your adults i dont understand?

u've either accidently put a cheat in (as making adults go to school has multiple cheats) or they aren't actually adults!

What if you Lost an item on a school bus?

If you go on that school bus everyday, to and from school, ask your bus driver if anybody has turned in what you are looking for.

Do young Sims have to go to school on The Sims games?

Yes, young sims have to go to school, on The Sims games. Including The Sims Deluxe Edition, The Sims 2, Pets, and especially The Sims 3. Actually, young sims dont HAVE to go to school. For example, on the Sims PS2 (It's the same as the computer version) I skipped school while playing on the GOTH family in Play the Sims. Although Cassandra (the little girl in the GOTH family) got a C. So I recommend you send them to school.

How do you get a High School on the Sim's 2?

You can build something that looks like a school (check youtube), but you can't let your sims go to it. Children and teens go to school in the same way adults go to work: They get on the bus, and return in a few sim-hours, with homework you have to do for the next day.

Do teen sims Vampires have to go to school in Sims 2?


How fast does a school bus go?

it depends on the type of bus

How do you say you go to school in bus in french?

Je baise les hommes - I Go To School On Bus peut-on avoir des rapports sexuels? - I Take Bus To School I Take French 3 :)

How do you get an A for teens in the sims 2 on PC I go to school and do my homework and I also have my aspiration and needs to the max before I go and I always get a bad grade of D everytime?

to get an A for teens you have to make them do their homework, all that they bring home.... and also make them go to school, whether it be by bus or car :)