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1) Open your spellbook. * it is located in the bottom right hand corner

of you wizard101 screem*

2) You will see some buttons on the right colum of the SPELLBOOK!

3) click on the gear buttons. When you put your cursor *or mouse* next

to it, it will say Options. Click on that.

4) Now you will see a screen that tell you all about stuff like

the screen size and stuff.

5) on the top of your options in your spellbook, you will see a bomb


6) when you put your mouse or cursor next to it, it will say: Realms. click

on that.

7) Now you see a realms page. The left side shows: REALMS

the right side shows: AREA

8) you can go on realms and go on diffrent ones and stuff.

9) If your meeting a friend and are on the same realm but are

having problems meeting, your probley not in same area..

When i said earlier the left box is realms and right is

AREAS! You go on the area your friend ( etc.)

is and you click: go to area.

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Q: How do you go to different realms in wizard101?
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How do you change servers on wizard101?

you go to options, and click those 2 black circles in the right corner, then on your left, you can see all the realms(servers)there are to enter.

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no way wizard101 is so boring look up war of the immortals, best computer game ive eva played :)

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go in the heart of bartleby and it will show different worlds and click kroktopia

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How do you go to the spelcial world in wizard101?

There are many different worlds in wizard101, but the only way to get to any of them is by getting crowns. Also, you have to finish each one before you go to the next one.

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