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When you make the world enable cheats but under the lan world options make it so joining players have cheats disabled.

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Q: How do you give yoursef cheats but not other players on a Minecraft LAN server?
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A server is an online place where a group of players can play together.

What is a Minecraft server?

A server is an online place where a group of players can play together.

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Is there a minecraft 1.4.2 server that allows cheats?

No. No server allows cheats unless it's your own. If a server allowed cheats, then there would be no point of playing on that server anymore. Plus, it probably won't even last a day with all the griefers online.

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Are there any servers that enable cheats on minecraft?

You can search different sites that display server information like;Server typeRules

How do you stop it raining on minecraft?

You type /toggledownfall but you need to have cheats on (for singleplayer) or be an OP on a server

What Minecraft server has pvp and mods?

The Cow Server: This is a great Minecraft server with very friendly Admins and other players. Visit for more information!

How do you get the hunger games server on minecraft?

These are pretty good. There's a lot of players on it :)

How much ram does your minecraft server need?

It depends on how many players and plugins you are wanting on your server at any given time.

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