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press the T button when on a server with other players and type your message. all players will see it

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You can use discord

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Q: How can you talk to other players in minecraft?
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Can you see other players on minecraft?

If you are playing on multi-player, you will see other players, but on single-player, there are no other people.

Can i contact other minecraft players over the internet?

yes I think,

Can you connect with minecraft servers that are different versions?

No. You cannot connect with other players with other versions.

Can other players in minecraft multiplayer hear changed record music?


Can you talk to friends without a mic on minecraft?

no you will need a mic to talk to players in multiplayer so get a mic or you could type. Slacker286- Like he said, you could type.

Who are the two worst Minecraft players?

Jackson and Sharriff are the worst registered Minecraft players at the moment.

How do you find other players ip addresses in minecraft? And many more.

Do the Endermans and Creepers hate each other in minecraft?

err no the only things in minecraft that hate the endermen are the players the wither and iron golems

Which is nerdier Maplestory or Minecraft?

Minecraft, we Minecraft players are a whole lot nerdier than MapleStory players. Just lookout for people who play both :)

Can spore be 2 player game?

No, but you can "talk" to other players...

What is social spy on Minecraft?

Notch uses social spy to know what players of Minecraft are doing and how they use Minecraft. It will, for example, show if your playing from a browser or from the client and other minute details such as this.

Can you talk to your mate on wolfquest?

No, you can't talk to your mate on WolfQuest but you can talk to other players on the multiplayer section. I hope this helped!