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You can't give BC to others, like how you can't donate tickets if you don't have BC.

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Q: How do you give your friend bc on Roblox?
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How do you get obc on roblox for free?

The only way to get free OBC, TBC or BC is to get ROBLOX staff to give it you or get a friend to give it you.

How do you get free obc on roblox?

The only way to get free OBC, TBC or BC is to get ROBLOX staff to give it you or get a friend to give it you OR go to a site like

How do you get roblox BC TBC or OBC without money?

An easy answer, get a friend to buy it or actually get ROBLOX staff to get it for you.

What is a signing bonus on roblox?

The first time you buy ROBLOX Builders Club (BC, TBC, OBC will work) ROBLOX will give you a free 100 ROBUX

How do you donate on roblox without bc?

You cannot donate to player on Roblox who do not have BC.

Can someone give you a group on roblox even though you are not BC TBC or OBC?


Is there cheats on roblox to get bc with out paying?

No there are not "cheats" to get free BC (Builders Club) on Roblox.

Does your groupe go away after your bc expires roblox?

No,you remain the leader of the group unless you give it away or leave the group add me on roblox im austin2118ace

How do you give someone a gift in roblox?

The thing have to be BC.I am not BC so i cannot tell you anything else.

What are friend codes for on roblox?

a friend code is, say one of your friends had a ROBLOX account and he told you about ROBLOX. When you make your account, in the friend code type in your friend's Roblox's user name and Roblox staff will automatically send a friend request to him for you.

How do you unlock a place on roblox when it is locked?

Places are locked because they are friends or BC only. You have to be a friend of the creator, or a Builders Club member.

What does someone use tickets for on roblox?

To buy clothing, shirts, pants, t-shirts, and items. Also if your BC, TBC, or OBC you can sell your t-shirts, shirts, or pants for a price. Also if you wanan buy a place from someone and their BC you can buy the shirt for a price then they give you the place, anythign else you need contact Bigboy5668 on ROBLOX for more information. ~Your Friend Mike~