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You cannot donate to player on Roblox who do not have BC.

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Q: How do you donate on roblox without bc?
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How do you give your friend bc on Roblox?

You can't give BC to others, like how you can't donate tickets if you don't have BC.

How do you trade gifts without being a BC on roblox?

You cant trade without BC

Can you donate on Roblox without builders club?

It depends upon who has builders club. The person you are trying to donate to must have builders club in order to donate to him. This is due to a lack of an official donate system, and since there is no official system planned: buying BC people's t-shirts is the only way to donate.

How do you donate on roblox without Builders Club?

You don't need to be Builders Club to donate, the person who wants the donation needs to have Builders Club, tell the BC member to make a donation t-shirt and put a price and then you can buy it.

How do you earn robux without bc on roblox?

You don't.

How do you do a gross hack in roblox?

When you buy any kind of BC you should reffer Poulsen. Then i'll donate the hack

Do you have to be builders club on roblox to donate robux?

No, the other person needs to be BC and sell something so you can buy it from them.

How do you donate to people on Roblox without Builders Club?

Ya cant sorry

Can you wear a body on roblox without BC?

So you got BC, and bought a body on Roblox. If you no longer have bc, but own a body, then you can wear it. It does not matter, so long as you have the item.

How do you donate tix in roblox?

You can donate tickets on ROBLOX by buying the player's donation shirt.

How do you get roblox BC TBC or OBC without money?

An easy answer, get a friend to buy it or actually get ROBLOX staff to get it for you.

How do you donate to a non bc member on roblox?

You can't, you MUST be builders club or Higher to sell an item. Sorry about that. •Answered by ROBLOXHelp.