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The woman is in Vielstone City...

I found her at the bottom left, you go up some steps and see a bald guy near a house, go into the house nearest him and there she is... (there is another bald guy near the top by team galactics base... it's not him, theres another one further down), she'll give your Pokemon one massage a day... it's a great way to improve a Pokemon's happiness... which I'm trying to do with my Eevee to get a Espeon

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Q: How do you give your Pokemon massages in veilstone city?
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Where do you get a massage on Pokemon Platinum?

You can give your Pokemon massages in a house south of the Veilstone Gym.

How do you evolve pokemon with friendship?

If you have diamond or pearl, go to Veilstone city and there will be a building where you can give your pokemon massages once a day. Do that and keep them out of the Pc box. :)

Where do you get a massage in emerald?

In Veilstone City by the gym, there is a girl that will kindly give your Pokemon Massages. This is a common thing within Pokemon games and helps raise their happiness.

How do you give Pichu massages in Pokemon platinum?

Take your Pichu to Veilstone City. At the house closest to the gym, there will be a lady giving free massages to your Pokemon, one per Pokemon once a day. It not only increases your Pokemon's happiness but when she's done, she always has something to give you that she found while massaging your Pokemon. Hope this helped! :)

Where do you get massages and proteins in Pokemon diamond?

go to veilstone city department store on the second floor they sell proteins but they cost $9800 and to get massages go to the path on the way to the gym and go to the house on your right and talk to the girl and she'll give massages You can look for them and you can buy them at Veilstone City. They cost 9,800$. Zoo3891 says, There is also another place to get massages After you beat the elite four you can sail to the battle zone and if you head east you'll eventually run into the resort area if one of your Pokemon has 10 ribbons or more they can enter the ribbon society where you can get a Pokemon massage daily But remember you can only get massages once a day

How do you make your Pokemon like you fast?

Give your Pokemon alot of poffins and berries which say it wil make them like you more. Keep the Pokemon you want to love in the front, so it will always come in battle. Do Pokemon contests and get massages for them at the Resort Area and Veilstone City.

How do you get a cion case on Pokemon diamond?

there is a clown in veilstone city that will give you one.

How do you make a Riolu evolve?

first you go to ironisland and there is a cave then go through and there will be someone then he gives you a egg and you need only 5 Pokemon with you then it will hatch into a riolu then make it happy by giving it massages at veilstone city,or give it protein.

How do you get your Pokemon 100 percent happy?

You can make Pokemon happy by giving it an exp share and winning the elite four. Also by giving it massages at Veilstone City. You can give it proteins and vitamins so it can get happy. Also by every 256 steps you do it will get happy. Hope this helped

Where can you find a Porygon in Platinum?

go to veilstone city. the house behind the pokemon center will give him to you

I got a Togepi egg on Pokemon platinum version and accidentally left it at the babysitters until level 53 I want it to evolve what do I do?

make it real happy by feeding it poffins or with soothe bell and leveling up give it massages at veilstone city theres a girl in a house who will give youre Pokemon a message everyday she is near the gym

How do you get Riolu's friendship up?

This is for any Pokemon's friendship AKA happiness. Feed it lots of Proteins, Carbos, Irons, Calcium, Zinc, and HP Ups. DON'T let it FAINT or DON'T PUT IN PC. Level it up a lot. Give it massages at Veilstone City.