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make clothes and they buy it

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Q: How do you give tickets or robux in roblox?
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What games give you tickets in roblox?

None can give you tickets all machines that people say give you robux and tix in roblox are account stealing devices

How many tickets are in a robux on roblox?

10 tickets are in a robux by

How do you trade player points for robux on Roblox?

i need robux

Can you get paid robux or tickets for being in groups on roblox?

You cannot get Robux or tickets just by being in groups.

What websites does it tell you where you can get tickets and robux on roblox?

Many websites, including the Roblox Wiki, explain in detail how you can earn Tickets and Robux on Roblox. You can find many of these websites by searching for them on Google. You can also find information on how to earn Tickets and Robux here on WikiAnswers.

How do you get robux on roblox if you are a beginner?

You can turn your tickets into robux or sell some clothing.

How do you sell tickets in Roblox?

You cannot sell tickets in Roblox, you can only earn, spend them or trade them for Robux.

What kind of money do you pay on roblox?

Tickets and Robux.

Can you trade tickets for robux on roblox with a friend?

you cannot as i tried

How much tickets is for 15 robux in roblox?

it depends on the Spread you have

How do you get free robux on roblox when your not in BC?

You have to trade your tickets.

How do you exchange tickets for robux on roblox?

First click on the catalog. On left side of the screen there is a button that says "Exchange Currency", click this button. From there you will be able to trade Tickets for Robux and Robux for Tickets.