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You can turn your tickets into robux or sell some clothing.

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Q: How do you get robux on roblox if you are a beginner?
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the roblox currency

How much Robux does Roblox have?

About 50 Trillion.

How do you trade player points for robux on Roblox?

i need robux

Who Want Free Robux Generator Work

Go to this link and get yours :

What user on ROBLOX can get you free Robux?

Nobody. You have to buy robux.

Can I all the dominuses in roblox?

Can I have 100million robux in roblox

Can you hack into roblox and get robux?


How do you earn Robux on Roblox without buying it from the Roblox Central Bank?

If you do not have Builder's Club, the only way to get Robux is to trade tickets in for Robux at the Roblox Exchange. If you do have Builder's club, you can earn Robux by selling cloths and limited edition hats.

How do you get robux om roblox?

If you would like to purchase the virtual currency on the Roblox platform, you can visit their Roblox Support articles to find out more on ways to get or purchase Robux. You just need to search for "Ways To Get Robux - Roblox Support".

How do you get mummy costumes on roblox?

Purchase it with robux on roblox

How do you earn Robux on roblox?

There are several ways you can earn Robux on Roblox. If you have Builders Club on Roblox, you automatically receive a certain number of Robux every day. Builders Club members can also earn Robux by selling cloths and limited edition hats. Both Builders Club and non Builders Club members can use the Roblox Currency Exchange to trade their tickets in for Robux, and use real money to buy Robux on the Roblox Currency exchange.

Who invented the game Roblox?

David Baszucki Invented Roblox