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There is no official way to give people money on Roblox. One way though is if the person has BC he/she can create a t-shirt that cost the amount of money you want to give him. Buy this shirt to give that person Robux.

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Click on their user click give and give

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Q: How do you give people robux on Roblox video?
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What games give you tickets in roblox?

None can give you tickets all machines that people say give you robux and tix in roblox are account stealing devices

What games in roblox that give you real robux?


How do you give tickets or robux in roblox?

make clothes and they buy it

Do Roblox gift cards give you robux?


Who much R does a roblox card give you?

Depending on how much money the Roblox card you bought is worth the number of robux you can get from it varies. For $5 you can get about 400 robux. For $20 You can get about 1900 robux.

How do I got free robux (roblox hiered me to ban online daters but they don't give me robux for banning them)?

Is it possible?

How do you get robux on roblox without buying?

Only 1 way to get free robux on ROBLOX and spent absolute nothing and that is to Trade Currency (Tickets to Robux)

Can you get 9 999 999 Robux on Roblox With cheat booster?

No, you cannot. There is no possible way to hack Robux & Tix on Roblox.

How many robux will 20 tix give you?


How do you get 100 robux every 5 seconds on roblox?

That is impossible on ROBLOX. Unless you keep converting tix to robux and your place is getting like 100,000 place visits a minute.

How can you give robux to another friend in roblox?

There is no official way to give tickets to anyone on Roblox. It is possible though to give money to people if they have builders club. The person you want to give money to can create a donation t-shirt and have you buy it.

How do you give robux to people?

Through a group, you can give robux