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Equip the Medicine in the red slot. the press Y over the sick animal

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Q: How do you give medicine to animals in Harvest Moon DS?
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Can you get free animals on harvest moon Game Boy?

no but i think they give you a horse at the start

How do you get your animals to like you in harvest moon magical melody?

Pick 'em up every day or just give them the food they like!

How does your character get toys for a child in harvest moon ds cute?

You can not give your child Toys on Harvest Moon For D.S. or D.S. Cute, But you can in Harvest Moon AWL and ANWL (I think ANWL)

What can you do with the wool from the sheep on Harvest Moon?

Give it to people

How do you make friends with harvest sprites in harvest moon friends of mineral town?

give them a flour

Harvest moon how to get married?

To get married on harvest moon you need to give the them their favorite gift and talk to them everyday. After you get all of the hearts filled by their picture, there will be a blue feather lying around somewhere. Give the blue feather to them and you will be married. p.s wait which harvest moon are you talking about?

Can you get divorced on harvest moon?

That depends. In almost every Harvest Moon the answer is, no you can not get a divorce. But there are a few Harvest Moons where you can get a divorce.

How do you make someone happy in Harvest Moon?

The best way to make someone happy in any Harvest Moon game is to give them gifts they like.

What do you give the harvest moon goddess in winter Island of Happiness?

save flowers in your cabinet and give the harvest goddess flowers for each season.

Where do you get a wonderful on harvest moon island of happiness?

When you win a 1st place award for one of your animals Marabelle will give you a wonderful.This will not happen on your first 1st place award.

How do you get a girl o like you on harvest moon?

Give her gifts that she likes!

How do you propose on harvest moon tree of trainquility?

You give them the blue feather